Playing for Change

— “peace through music” — 

At a time when the world needs all the hope, optimism, and concerted positive action it can get, more and more good people are getting involved and making a difference.

One such effort involves building music and art schools around the world, linking them in a global effort to bridge cultural boundaries and create the conditions for peace. It’s called Playing For Change: Peace Through Music.

Featured on PBS’ Bill Moyers’ Journal, Playing For Change is a film and a foundation to support the development of musicians and artists with a website offers a lot to see — and hear. Watch clips from the film, join the mailing list to keep up with their work, and learn more about what you can do to help.

Even if you only watch the website mash-up of the song “Stand By Me” sung by musicians in their native locations — New Orleans, New Mexico, South Africa, Amsterdam, Brazil, Moscow, Spain, and more — all cut together visually and harmonizing with each other, you’ll have a really good time. And that’s worth a lot these days.

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