Time Stacks Photography

Capturing the passage of time with some form of imagery holds a certain fascination for us, probably because the activities of daily life seem to be such a blur as we’re living through them.

When still photography, and then motion pictures, gave us the chance to preserve our important events and fleeting moments on film, many of us stopped there. We filled our albums, shoeboxes, and scrapbooks with the paper artifacts that represented the historical record of our everyday experiences and special life events.

But some continued to dream and experiment — and the advent of digital photography has only opened more doors to the imaginative spots in their brains.

One such interesting vision comes from the photographer Matt Molloy, a young man from Michigan, who combines time-lapse photography techniques in his digital camera with the image-manipulation software on his computer to create composite-image studies he calls “time stacks.”

In addition to applying his eye and equipment to make star trails and traditional images of landscapes and sunsets, Molloy spends computer time to edit a staggered sequence of frames that end up offering a new take on the typical time-lapse photo or motion picture.

Take a look at his “Twenty Minute Sunset” or his Time Stacks set. Then, explore more of Molloy’s 500px portfolio and his Flickr photostream for a fascinating vision of time and our natural world.

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