Treehouse Masters

Who doesn’t love a treehouse?!?

And what about the crew of folks who make their living creating these amazing elevated spaces? Dream job, right? Right!

You won’t get any disagreement from Pete Nelson, the treehouse master builder who hails from Fall City, Washington, a small town just south of Seattle, nestled in the lush old-growth forest greenery of the US Pacific Northwest.

Pete and his wife and daughter run Nelson Treehouse and Supply, based at Treehouse Point, a beautiful location with its own collection of treehouses that have been known to harbor a vacationer or two or even a honeymooning couple. Pete and his hardy gang, including riggers, carpenters, builders, the ace interior decorator Tory, and his own sons, travel all over the world to make the fantasy of living in the trees a very comfortable reality. Although most of their work remains within the United States, Pete and his crew go anywhere at any time of year to bring a treehouse vision to life.

Watch Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet or Discovery Channel — or catch up with episodes, behind-the-scenes time-lapses, and more at the Treehouse Masters website — and you can see these incredible treehouses emerge from initial conversation with the customer and Pete’s on-site sketches. You’ll go inside the fabrication shop at Treehouse Point, and, ultimately, watch the reality of weather and unexpected events on the ground unfold while the skilled, enthusiastic, and well-matched crew put up a magical structure at the client’s property.

Makes you start scouting the backyard for a place to put a treehouse of your very own…

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