In this online community by and for photographers — as well as those who love great imagery and want to learn more about how to create it or use it legally — you’ll find some of the most amazing photos available in the cloud.

Calling itself “the premier photography community” is not really an understatement. But 500px (meaning 500 pixels) is also a sandbox for exploration and a source of great images available for licensing. Which has the benefit of providing at least a bit of income for the creative souls who share their work here. Which means they/we can afford to keep doing it. Big win for all concerned.

In the current climate where anyone with a smartphone has at least one high-powered camera with them at all times, making a living with photography has become even more difficult than it was in the days of celebrity shooters such as Galen Rowell, David Muench, and Jim Brandenburg, let alone the Kodachrome masters and Pan-X pioneers like Pete Turner and Ansel Adams. Websites like 500px.com build on the Flickrs of the world to create a spot where photographer and user/buyer can come together for the benefit of both.

Whether you’re a photographer looking for an online space that appreciates your energy, talent, and effort, as well as the business aspects of this creative field, or you love finding cool images to put on your website or use elsewhere — licensed legally and for a reasonable fee — check out the collaborative community at 500px.com. Enjoy!

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