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Make a difference in and with your life in lots of ways while you also help others close to home and around the world.

The Worldchanging website highlights many opportunities in a variety of disciplines from nanotechnology to fashion. Some examples:

  • “Hot rocks” for home energy
  • Free bicycles in Paris
  • Indonesia’s efforts to keep its forests
  • Jeff Christian and the Buildings Technology Center at the Oak Ridge National Labs, conducting research on five prototype houses that cost between 60 cents and one dollar a day in energy costs
  • Venture capitalists investing in green technologies
  • Professor Ron Deibert, director of Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, creating a remarkable institution to research the intersection of civic politics and digital technology
  • Toronto’s Transit Camp

Explore issues like shelter, cities, community, business, and politics to see what you can do to help make the future one we’ll enjoy living. Let’s start now!

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