— “make sense of TXT [and other online] lingo”— 

You may not need the transL8it! website very often, but it will really come in handy when you do. And that probably means you’re somewhere on the far side of 25. No need to be discouraged, though. The site exists because there are lots of us who can use the help.

TransL8it (trans-late-it) is a very cool little translation engine. Type in characters you see in the text message, chat lingo, smiley-face emoticon, or other slang about which you’re totally clueless and the wizards at TransL8it spit out real English words for it.

You can reverse the process, too — write out your message in English and click for the ‘lingo.’ As simple as that, you can then type what you see into your smartphone or instant message program and look way cool to your kids and grandkids.

Language evolves and transL8it! is one of the ways that happens.

Now, ain’t life grand?!?

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