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Who doesn’t love butterflies? Especially those milkweed-loving, tiger-splashed, migrating monarchs.

Well, here’s a website for butterfly buffs and science teachers alike. These fine folk are dedicated to protecting monarch habitat across North America. They will send you a monarch chrysalis with all the instructions needed to nurture it along to full-fledged butterfly that you can release into the world. They will also send along free milkweed seeds, in case you don’t have any in your native habitat and want to add a bit of ‘home’ to your butterfly garden. And teachers can get a really good deal on potential Science Fair projects.

Explore the Live Monarch website for information, animations, resources, and photos that help you learn more about raising monarchs and even how to fix a butterfly’s broken wing. Animation on the site’s home page shows the transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.

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