— hour-by-hour look at 100 of the world’s most important images and words — 

Who says — and how do we know — what’s important in the world right now? 10×10, brainchild of interactive artist Jonathan Harris, tackles that opportunity. Harris created a computer program to scan the RSS feeds of some the world’s major news sources (currently, The New York Times International News, Reuters World News, and BBC World Edition) to find the 100 most important words and their corresponding images.

An elaborate “weighted linguistic analysis” determines ‘importance’ and aggregates the information into a mosaic-like grid ten images high and ten images wide. Along the right border are the 100 important words of the hour, looking a bit like a blurry gray bar. But, roll your mouse over the words and items come to life. Each word enlarges as it is touched and its corresponding image in the grid brightens slightly.

Harris states: “Click any word or image to zoom in and see the news headlines behind the word. Click the headline links to read the original news stories. Click the zoomed image a second time to see the image full screen.”

Options also show previous and next hours, as well as “history,” and single days, months, and years. When images are repeated in the grid, it indicates the emphasis placed on the issue around the world during that hour.

How better to know what’s really happening now?

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