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Whether you’re a newbie or an old hand in the marketing game, you can probably benefit from a regular infusion of information and insight.

Take a look at the website where “marketing professionals + professors” collaborate to present a fascinating — and extremely useful — collection of resources.

These folks also take their own advice and put it to good use. They offer entry-mid-high opportunity levels (free to paid), so you can dip your toe into the water before you decide to immerse yourself completely. If you don’t do anything other than visit the website regularly or sign up for one or more of their free e-letters, including MarketingProfs This Week, you’ll still gain a tremendous amount of valuable information.

Over the years since the group began, the services, membership levels, and website have evolved considerably. PRO members (annual dues) receive the most bang for the buck, including free virtual conferences at intervals during the year and free 90-minute webinars two to three times a month, as well as discounts on more extensive online training resources, in-person conferences, and printed/downloadable materials.

The website also contains archives of past e-letter articles, as well as a Community Forum, case studies, blog, job board, research, and a list of upcoming webinars. Most of this material is free. If you want access to even more goodies, including a LinkedIn group, webinar recordings, how-to guides, and case study collections, sign up for (paid) PRO membership. Worth it.

No matter which route you choose, using the site — or anything from becoming a (free) basic or hardcore PRO member to simply reading the e-letters — puts top quality resources where you need them most: close at hand. Even if you’re not directly responsible for marketing efforts where you work or live, it’s information every smart businessperson needs to know.

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