— dynamic country singer with Everywoman issues — 

This flamboyant red-head with the knock-your-socks-off voice first hit the music charts as part of the country duo known as The Judds.

Wynonna and her mother/singing partner Naomi gave us such Number One hits as Why Not Me; Mama He’s Crazy; Turn It Loose; and Love Is Alive. When Naomi’s health hit a snag in the early 1990s, forcing her to retire from The Judds, Wynonna faced a major turning point: give up performing or try to make it as a solo artist.

The choice to continue performing on her own won out, albeit not without doubt and fear. But she persevered, and Wynonna continues to rock the rafters wherever she sings, even if her choice and her life included no small measure of challenge.

Early in 2004, Wynonna’s health had become a concern for her family, her new husband, and herself. Knowing of Oprah Winfrey’s success in gaining control over her weight and health concerns, Wynonna approached Oprah about getting herself back on the right track. Oprah and her trainer, Bob Greene, met with Wynonna, who agreed — with her mother Naomi and sister Ashley — to share her/their story on national television. Oprah and crew laid out a plan and began to follow Wynonna’s “Journey to Health” on episodes of the Oprah show. And as Oprah operates her own network — OWN — we can continue to keep up with the Judds’ ongoing journey.

On Wynonna’s website, you’ll find a personal diary of her “Journey to Health,” as well as links to her music, tour dates, personal appearances, news releases, and information about The Judds. It’s a true and heartfelt dialogue from a real person coping as best she can with issues that face us all. The music’s pretty fine, too.

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