— see 2-D photos in 3-D — 

Researchers at the University of Washington and Microsoft want to help you see your digital photo collection in a new way.

Through the photosynth software these experts created, large groups of images are analyzed for similarities and reassembled digitally to create views from nearly any angle in the frame, as well as the ability to see the whole thing in 3-D. You can zoom in or out, create fly-through sequences, see how images relate to each other, and send collections to friends. Yowzer!

“Explore” the site for a good idea of what you might do with your own photo collection and the photosynth software. Just watching the “synths” on the main photosynth website page is a great way to start visualizing what you might do with this tool.

The software was developed for Windows XP and Vista and now works on Windows Phone 8 — since it’s from Microsoft, what else would you expect?!? But an iPhone app is available.

For anyone who wants to see a platform-agnostic display of what this wizardry can do, take a look at this dazzling 8-minute video clip from TEDtalks, the website of a high-powered conference focused on the convergence of Technology, Entertainment, and Design, created by veteran information designer Saul Richard Wurman.

In photosynth, you’ll recognize the multi-touch interface technology that also appears in such gadgets as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Surface tablets, but it can do even more. Immerse and enjoy!

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