Escape from Cubicle Nation

— engaging blog with resources for would-be entrepreneurs — 

Whether you’re looking to escape the corporate jungle or not, Pamela Slim’s very readable website/blog offers great content, extensive resources, and a welcoming tone. She also writes well and gives very good advice. An entry about the value of mentoring shows how easy it can be to do and how much value it has long-term — in the “what goes around comes around” sense — even for lone-ranger consultants and independent business people. The young person you help today may invent the next great thing to make your aging life easier.

Even if you don’t know much about blogs (or are afraid to ask), don’t worry. These days, websites and blogs mostly merge into something that shows up in a computer’s browser windows. The reason you’re there in the first place is to get the valuable content.

All in all, Escape From Cubicle Nation opens an interesting perspective on how to do good business, inside the cube farm or out.

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