Social Media Perspective

Given the hype and hoopla currently focused on the imperative of social media, it helps to discover active professionals who offer more nuanced views and, perhaps, a bit of contrarian perspective.

Josh Bernoff, senior vice president for idea development at Forrester Research, co-authored Groundswell, a book about the rise of social media that describes how marketing has turned into customers taking over conversations about businesses.

The folks at Forrester dig into marketing and technology for companies around the globe. Because they’re seriously immersed in social, Bernoff has the perspective to say, “Social 2012 is Web 2000.” He recalls when the Web was filled with the same kind of hype, and every company felt compelled to launch an e-commerce solution.

In reality, the business model was not about the mechanics of the transaction; it was about service. And the deployment of broadband to more people, not the e-commerce software itself, is what helped online shopping expand. It wasn’t the hardware; it was the people. Customers. Relationships. Service.

And that’s where Bernoff says social sits today. It’s all about interaction. Once social becomes ubiquitous, both inside companies and out, Bernoff asks, “…how will the world be different? The strategic thinker prepares for that.”

©2012 Jill J. Jensen / Clarity from Chaos