Write Better Every Day

No matter what you do for a living, chances are you spent a chunk of your time writing. For some us, that chunk of writing takes more time than anything else we might do. For others, writing requires just enough attention to get a point across, note an acknowledgment, or provide some direction.

Regardless of our reasons for writing, we can all benefit from reminders about the elements of the form, the rules, the exceptions, and the quirky developments that may affect how our messages are received and perceived. For excellent information, check out the DailyWritingTips website and blog. Thanks to members of the LinkedIn group The Content Wrangler for the heads-up.

Whether it’s 25 Synonyms for “Story”How to Format Reader-Friendly Headlines, Exceptions in the Rules of Hyphenation, or ways to brainstorm ideas that can help you in Picking Your Perfect Title, Daniel Scocco (founder), Mark Nichol (editor), and the team at DWT offer one of the prime go-to resources for writing help online.

Do you use DailyWritingTips? How? What other online writing resources do you use? Why?

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