Living Out Loud – Dyana Valentine Says “I Am Not Sorry”

Do you project confidence in your communication? Perhaps you exude empathy. Or maybe it’s arrogance. What if you tend toward apathy, anxiety, or apology?

It’s time to figure out your approach, make a conscious choice to live your life out loud — positively and productively — and communicate it clearly.

Professional instigator Dyana Valentine takes on the same challenge she presents to her clients: identifying why she’s not sorry for, among other things, loving chocolate-covered potato chips and asking, “What do you really mean when you say, ‘I’m sorry'”?

Check out Dyana at TEDxOjaiWomen from December 2011. [17:51 video]

What are the Messages From The Universe telling you about what’s happening in your life? Are you paying attention? What clues are trying to help you make better choices for yourself and make the world better for others?

Why do you or don’t you need to be sorry? How do you communicate either way?

©2011 Jill J. Jensen / Clarity from Chaos

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