Drew McLellan on Doing Social Media

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Recent posts have covered everything from the marketing lessons learned while getting a car towed on the Interstate to book recommendations and developing an individual brand. In just the last few days, readers have been treated to a two-part discussion about social media — what we need to keep our own hands on and what we might logically seek help in handling from a savvy agency or consultant.

In the first post — “You can’t sleep through your own social media efforts” — the title pretty much says it all. Even if we think we’d like to just farm out all this social stuff and be on our way, that won’t get us the results we seek. After all, we’re the ones who best know our companies, our customers, and our goals. Achieving the outcomes that move us forward depends on smart hiring, whether for full-time employees or the spot-on contractors who can make excellent contributions. But it all starts with us.

Drew’s follow-up post — “What should you buy from a social media savvy agency?” — outlines the kinds of assistance that outstanding outsiders can add to our efforts. From strategy and coaching to “content massaging” and integration, consultants and agencies can lend a hand. As Drew says, “There’s plenty for an agency to help you with. But they should be behind the scenes…not front and center. There’s no substitute for your smarts, years of experience or personality. That’s how your prospects meet your brand.”

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