The Answer to How Is Yes

In addition to being the title of an excellent book by Peter Block, the statement provides a useful framework for considering any next move, even a blog post.

Thanks to a recent contact from Block and his collaborators Maggie Rogers and Leslie Stephen, I reviewed what I’d written about the book after reading it a while back. Everything still rings true. As Block states, “Getting the question right may be the most important thing we can do.” Before we jump into the ‘how,’ we need to be sure the question itself deserves a ‘yes.’

Sometimes, ‘going for it’ seems like a no-brainer, and we feel ready to jump in feet first. Enamored as we are of the proposal, we must not throw caution to the wind. The key is to take the breath and pause long enough to consider whether or not the opportunity meshes with our goals, values, and purpose. Does it keep us on track? Is it an interesting diversion that might hold future possibilities — making it, therefore, worthy of some kind of effort? Or is it a dangerous distraction that can lead us far astray?

Each time we connect, we also communicate. The extent and the content of the conversation determine whether we can ultimately create something, collaborate productively, and establish what we hope will turn out to be a mutually beneficial partnership.

The connect–communicate–create cycle certainly seems to deserve the kind of reflection that will help us recognize whether we need to take a pass or work instead to generate the best possible conditions for success.

What do you think?

©2011 Jill J. Jensen/Clarity from Chaos